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Riverside South Pet Shop offers a full range of grooming options for your cats and dogs. Contact us today for an appointment.

Why Do Our Pets Need Grooming?

A full grooming session for your beloved furry creature entails much more than simply giving them a bath. As part of your appointment, we’ll take the time to thoroughly brush each animal’s fur, removing any built up or dead hair.

This is especially important for cats since it lessens the amount of fur they ingest when they clean themselves, therefore resulting in fewer fur balls.

Riverside South Pet Shop also takes care of nail clipping, fur trimming, ear and teeth cleaning, and gland expression. We also offer Nagayu skin therapy for dogs that might need it. Call us today to book an appointment.

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Pet Grooming Ottawa

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What is Gland Expression?

Have you ever noticed your dog dragging their bum across the floor, or excessively licking the anal area? This could be a sign that they need their glands expressed, or in other words, emptied. 

The anal glands secrete a scent that is particular to each individual animal. Yes, cats have them too! Although these glands usually empty by themselves each time your pet defecates, they can sometimes get clogged. When this happens, they will need to be manually emptied. To avoid injuring you or your furry loved one, this sensitive process requires a skilled hand.

At Riverside South Pet Shop, our groomers are specially trained to conduct gland expression as safely and pain-free as possible. We also supply the full range of pet toys, food and assorted accessories that you might need. Contact us today!

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Pet Grooming Gatineau
Pet Grooming Gatineau

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