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Everything your pet needs to be happy, available at 613-425-7387

At Riverside South Pet Shop, we have all the treats your pet needs to stay healthy and happy. Our selection of chews, biscuits, and bones are perfect for training or just snacking. Contact us today to order!

Reward Your Pets

All dog parents know how useful dog treats can be when it comes to training a new puppy or rewarding our dogs for simply being the best! Dog treats and chews can help build a lasting bond between you and your pooch. Riverside South Pet Shop offers a wide variety of different dog treats and dog chews to suit your doggo’s preferences and needs.

For food-motivated puppies, our selection of soft and chewy treats or crunchy biscuit treats work great as dog training treats to provide a fun and simple reward, perfect when potty-training or teaching new tricks. If you’re looking for a mess-free and easy to feed kind of treat, you should try dehydrated and freeze-dried treats! Contact us today for our top recommendations

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Dog Treats Ottawa

Everything your pet needs to be happy

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Dog Chews Galore!

Dog chews are a special kind of treat that satisfies a dog’s need to chew and work as a natural stress-reliever. There are so many types of chews to choose from! Natural dog bones and chews offer a simple, healthy option and are great for special occasions.

They’re long-lasting, which helps to keep your dog occupied while you’re not home or while you have company. Dental chews not only keep dogs entertained and mentally stimulated, but also keep their teeth clean and breath fresh. And that’s a win for everyone! 

Your dog deserves the absolute best. Dog treats and chews are a wonderful way to make them feel as special as they are. Contact Riverside South Pet Shop to learn more about the dog treats and chews that we offer. 

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Dog Treats Gatineau
Dog Treats Gatineau

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